The launch meeting of the ELLE project took place in Spain!
5 December 2017
Presentation of the ELLE project in Bastia, France
23 June 2018

2nd Transnational Meeting in Malmö, Sweden!

During the second transnational meeting of the ELLE project, which took place on 14 and 15 May 2018 in Malmö (Sweden), all the partners worked on the future ELLE online platform, which should aim at providing educational resources. freedom to empower migrant women, through literacy and languages.

The main objectives of the meeting:

  • Presentation of the beta version of the ELLE Training Guide.
  • State of development of the ELLE online platform of free educational resources, including:
    1. a) Joint revision of the operational version of the online digital database, the theoretical and pedagogical bases and the content of the training and practical activities developed.
    2. b) Preparations for the development of evaluation methodologies and tools, and for the design of the B-Learning course.